We develop cost effective design solutions that meet or exceed LEED®/ BOMA standards

LEED® certification has entered the mainstream, and if you are considering new interior space or a new “green” building it’s well worth a detailed investigation. But LEED® isn’t an end unto itself. There are lots of measures around the globe that rate corporate sustainability efforts, LEED® & BOMA included.

Having been involved in the design and execution of several sustainable office projects, it’s understandable why there is a great deal of confusion surrounding LEED®, its cost, and application. Not all designers fully appreciate LEED®, the design alternatives or their cost. Consequently owners & tenants are left wondering which expensive technical addition is really required and what is not.

There is almost always a design solution that meets a strict budgets and LEED® standards. To learn more about cost effective design solutions that meet or exceed LEED®/ BOMA standards please contact us for a free consultation.

We help you assess your portfolio’s GHG emissions and the risks and opportunities

It is entirely probable that North America will soon follow Europe’s lead in implementing a Cap and Trade emissions system for greenhouse gas “GHG” emissions. 

A well designed Cap and Trade system first sets national maximum limits on GHG emissions. Organizations covered by the system are issued emissions allowances annually. They are then permitted to determine how they reduce their annual GHG emissions, and may “trade” surplus emission allowances should they not use their allocation. As the emission allowances are reduced annually, the price per allowance continually increases. The potential impact on real estate values is significant.

Initially, office tenants will not be directly targeted by federal legislation, but through higher energy prices we are all going to become increasingly aware of energy’s importance. The cheapest form of energy is the energy you conserve, particularly if energy efficiency results in your receipt of valuable carbon offsets.

Contact us and let ZeroCarbon Inc. help you assess your portfolio’s GHG emissions and the risks and opportunities.