Taking the greener view means real growth

build for the workplace
build for the environment
build for the future
address climate change

What kind of impact does a workplace have on the individual? On the company? On the environment? On the Planet? What risks or opportunities does Climate Change present for your portfolio? What can be done to improve your building’s carbon footprint? What are the costs, benefits and asset value implications?

These are the questions that many leading businesses are now asking themselves. And the reason why more of them are looking to move their operations to green workspaces. The reasons are compelling.

A healthier work environment that helps nurture a more productive, more motivated, more profitable workforce. Superior indoor air quality. Significantly lower heating and cooling costs through greater energy efficiency — which contribute to lower tenant costs. And less green house gases that help mitigate climate change.

Longer View

The reality: energy costs are rising, and will continue to rise, particularly as traditional energy sources such as oil & gas continue to be depleted. Still, global consumption of energy resources continues to rise. In fact, just as energy demand globally is increasing, the need to reduce C02 emmissions has never been greater. It’s been estimated that buildings contribute as much as 30 per cent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

Experience Matters

Having been responsible for several LEED® office developments nationally, ZeroCarbon Inc. appreciates the challenges and rewards of designing and constructing high performance commercial buildings.

With 20 years of office leasing & marketing experience, we also understand how sustainability initiatives can help leverage commercial brokerage support and improve your marketing/leasing campaigns.

Whether it’s repositioning your assets or evaluating the purchase of a new one, ZeroCarbon Inc. can help you maximize your returns in a carbon regulated world.