Carbon-free economy is achievable with today's technology

Science has firmly established a direct link between elevated concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and increases in average global temperature. Climate change now threatens the basic elements of life for people around the world, access to clean water, food, and health.

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the American Institute of Architects have responded with the "2030 Challenge", which calls for progressive reductions of all building GHG emissions to zero in the year 2030. No-one can predict the conseqences of climate change with absolute certainty, but we know enough to understand the risks. The truth is, the targets outlined by the "2030 Challenge" may not be aggressive enough. Particularly since, 

"The transition to a carbon-free economy is eminently achieveable because we have all the technology we need to do so." - Tim Flannery

Mr. Flannery is correct, we have all the technology today to develop buildings that not only meet LEED® ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) standards, but also meet the goal of Zero GHG Emissions today.

ZeroCarbon Inc.'s LEED®  Standard Projects


Fieldgate Commercial - 2950 Citation Place., Mississauga


Altana Pharma 435 North Service Rd., Oakville, Ontario         
Hitachi Canada 2495 Meadowpine Blvd.,Misissauga, Ontario  
Kellogg Canada Inc. 5350 Creekbank., Mississauga, Ontario  
Royal Sun Alliance Regional Office 50 Garland Ave., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia           
SAS Canada Inc. 280 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario  
Exxon Mobile 12 Millenium Way, Moncton, New Brunswick           
2360/2550 Meadowpine Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario
214-218 11th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta